Cricket has been more than just a game on the global level. Cricketers were loved everywhere in every country irrespective of things they do. While most of us focus on the statistics, records, batting averages, there are also certain things about them that amuse us off field.

Cricketers are not only loved for their cricket but also are loved for their style, personality, elegance and impudence. For example, Virat Kohli, one of the best contemporary cricketers is loved for his excellence on the field and is also considered as the most stylish cricketer with a unique charm around him that makes the crowd go woo.

This exactly is the reason our nation has become cricket crazy is that we look up to Individuals more than just cricketers. Ask a kid who is aged between 9-12, who his idol is, and 70% of them would come up with, “Virat Kohli”.

The same way when we used to say, “Sachin Tendulkar” being 1990’s kids. On the other hand, one should also know that behind every successful man, there is a woman who made him successful by understanding him and supporting him.

Even though the woman might not have been with him since the start but after her coming, his world becomes much bright and cheerful. This is the same case with the cricketers who have beautiful, gorgeous and yet supporting wives and girlfriends that helped them become more charismatic.

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Here’s a list of cricketers with most beautiful WAGs that make the game more delightful just with their presence:

Sexy Wives and GirlFriends (WAGs) Of Cricketers

Here we are sharing with you hot and sexy pictures of Indian cricketers’ WAGs as well as Pakistan’s cricketers’ Wags and also wives and girlfriends of cricketers from all other countries.

Geeta Basra Wife Of Harbhajan Singh

Geeta Basra Wife Of Harbhajan Singh
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