Sharmila Nicollet Wallpapers: Sharmila Nicollet, who is born and raised in Bangalore is an Indo-French Golf Player. While her father is a French citizen, Marc Nicollet; her mother is Surekha Nicollet, who is from Bangalore. Surekha Nicollet is a famous perfumer who owned her own Aroma Ltd under the name of Padmini in Bangalore while Marc Nicollet is a professional in the software industry. Sharmila Nicollet started playing Golf when she was 11 at Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.

As she was very keen in the game, she couldn’t manage to attend her higher studies on a regular basis. Therefore, she decided to do her high school and graduation privately. At the age of 15, she won her first tournament. Much to our amusement, Golf is not the only thing she’s good at. Nicollet is also a sub-junior national swimming champion with around 72 medals (Both Gold and Silver) altogether won in national aquatic meets over the span of 4 years i.e from 1997 to 2001.

Sharmila was the youngest lady golfer of the time and she has won the All-India Ladies Amateur Championship along with winning seven other amateur tournaments. She represented Indian at Doha 2006 in Asian Games and also in Asia Pacific Junior Golf. She also participated in the Japan’s Queen Sirikit Cup, The Malaysian Open, and The Callaway Junior World Golf Championship that was conducted in San Diego.

Till 18, she played as an amateur. She partnered with Laura Davies when she was 16 in MGF Challenge match held in India. While she was coached by Gaurav Diwan in the past, she is now coached by Tarun Sardesai. Both of them believes that she has the right aptitude and attitude that is required for the game.

On reaching 18, Sharmila started her career as a professional. She earned a full card and is the second Indian to do that on Ladies European Tour in 2012 and the also the youngest Indian golfer to be qualified. Nicollet has also won the five events to finish the Order of Merit (2010-2011) excluding the 2009-2010’s Game.

On a whole, she has 11 wins on a whole on the Women’s Golf Association of India. Day by day, she’s improving and proving herself to be unique. You can say this by the way she won the Hero-KGA tournament (2012) and also won the Hero -WPGT Tournament (2015). Let’s hope that she enhances the idea o Golf a bit more, in our nation and makes people Golf-crazy. Let’s now see hot Sharmila Nicollet wallpapers.

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